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No rain, no flowers.

Phew! These past six weeks have sure been action packed. I've hardly had downtime to really take in everything that has happened so I thought it was finally time to take a second to reflect.

At the end of April, I finished off my first year of university at McMaster! I can't say I wasn't glad to be done... but I can gladly say I finished off my exams extremely happy and ready for some down time! Which was short lived... 
Then back to work. 
Right after exams I got back to work at my summer job, woodworking at Innovative Wood Worx, a wood-shop located in Barrie. Another side to being a student athlete, is being an employed student athlete. Although I have an amazing sponsorship program through my team, Highgate Racing, there are many expenses that I have to juggle, like rent! Who knew being an adult wasn't all fun and games? Honestly, I have been the most fortunate to work for a company that allows me to take the time to pursue my career in cycling, and a team that has …

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